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Manufacturer: Olympus

The YS Industrial Videoscope iPLEX extra large 30 meters is equipped with an innovative laser technology and illumination angle. It offers image quality and unprecedented maneuverability.

During inspections, it is sometimes difficult to determine the area and address in an image subject to inspection. The iPLEX YS has an integrated gravity sensor that provides guidance in the inspected image display, allowing easily distinguish between up and down. An optional length can display the extension of the scope that has been introduced in an object; can also be reset to a length from a certain point relative to an inspection area. By using these functions, you can perform inspections smoothly knowing that they may identify positions inspected.

During maintenance on field inspections must continue even if the presence of irregular objects and dusty environments and leaky present obstacles. By design, the insertion tube IPLEX YS offers high resistance to abrasion and can be inserted into many objects, even those with irregular surfaces. The lens cleaning system removes dust and tiny debris accumulated drops on the tip, thus ensuring effective inspections to generate sharp images


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