Barra FE-8Barra FE-8
Barra FE-8
Barras Regulables FE-8
Powerbox Fe-8
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Manufacturer: Kündig Control Systems

The FE-8 Measuring bar is a non contact with measuring system for blown film lines.

Two infrared sensors detect the edges of the film, so that the layflat width can be calculated. The advantage of this method is that the real film size that goes on the roll is measured. That makes the FE-8 a valuable tool, also on lines where the bubble circumference is measured, as this is typically before the bubble shrinkage.


The basis of equipment is compounded by the measuring bar and the Power box. This unit takes the values and gave to display or regulation depending on the configuration of the machine.
Adjustable bars Measuring bar FE-8 consists of two half mechanically adjustable according to the wide measuring rods.

Two half-bars of the same length can cover up to 9 different widths, counting on the necessary connecting material. The mounting positions are adjustable and the equipment FE-8 automatically recognizes the position. is ensures a reliable measurement even after adjusting the wide measurement of the bar.

Connection options

The FE-8 offers a wide range of connection possibilities, both through PowerBOX as through the control unit. For the measurement you can connect it directly to the computer Powerbox extruder.
For regulation will be connected the control unit of FE-8. Both devices have Ethernet or optional RS-422 port.


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