KNC-600 Linear Scanner
KNC-600 Linear Scanner
KNC-600 Linear Scanner
Segmentos modulares del KNC-600 Linear Scanner
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Manufacturer: Kündig Control Systems

The KNC-600 Linear Scanner is a thickness gauge for flat film extruders, calenders or other extruders in which the thickness must be to be measured flat. Fast and accurate film thickness measurement allows the film production process strictly controlled. This result in a higher quality of the film is maintained during the whole production process. Optimizing the film thickness profiles contributes to a saving of material. In addition, material waste is reduced during product changes.

The installation of the KNC-600 can be easily done by factory technicians and immediately put into service . The measuring device is nearly maintenance free and provides high reliability and efficiency.

The capacitive measuring principle

The capacitive sensor operates with an electric field, called stray field of a condenser. The field intensity of random variables based on the film thickness. This variation was calculated and displayed as thickness. Capacitive thickness sensors are especially qualified for thickness measurement for the following reasons:

• High resolution and accuracy
• Instant reproducibility of the measured profile
• No influence due to coloration or transparency of the film
• It is not subject to licensing / No costly disposal

The non-contact thickness measurement

The advantages of a system of non-contact thickness measurement:
• Online measurement of sticky film
• Sensitive films can be measured without scratch
• Do not tear or wears the sensor
• There is No pollution sensor

Requirements for reliable measurement of plastic film:
• The film must be vertical in the installation location of sensor
• Changes in the position of the bubble should not exceed 0.4 inches (10 mm) Max. 5Hz

Linear Scanner

The scanner consists of spinal segments, and therefore is available in almost any size.

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