K-500 Rotomat REV
K-500 Rotomat REV
K-500 Rotomat ROT
Sensor de grosor K-500 Rotomat
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Manufacturer: Kündig Control Systems
Description The K-500 Rotomat KT is a gauge thickness of the film online for blown film lines. Fast and accurate film thickness measurement allows the production process can be well controlled.

This results in a higher quality of the film that is maintained throughout the production. Optimizing the film thickness profiles contributes to a saving of material. Besides the material, waste is reduced during the product changes.

The thickness of the capacitive sensor K-500 is protected by a cover made of ceramic with a very smooth surface. This allows measurement of very low wear thickness, although K-500 is constantly in contact with the film.

The Rotomat KT is further optimized. The main focus was on superior ease of use and improved flexibility. In order to cover as many possible applications, he K-500 Rotomat KT its third generation is available in two versions:

Rotomat KT REV

The oscillating scanner has been standardized for several sensors Kundig This allows a quick change of the sensor K-500 to a capacitive sensor without contact or even a nuclear probe, so the thickness gauge is very flexible for different applications blown film line.

Rotomat KT ROT

The scanner comes with continuously rotating conductor rails for power supply. Communication is done wirelessly by ZigBee module, which is designed for industrial environments. The Rotomat KT in the swivel version allows faster thickness profile control as it gets thicker profile readings per hour.

K-500 Modifications

The K-500 is available not only in combination with the Rotomat KT, we also offer several retrofit packages. Most existing systems Kundig measurement (for example K-100 or KNC-200) can easily be updated with a K-500 sensor.

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